Fly in a Classic Dh 82A Tiger Moth with the wind in your
face and the sound of a trusty Gipsy Major engine in your ears.

This flight is something you MUST
do at least once in your life time!

Whether you are young or old, this experience gives you a taste of what it was
really like for our early Aviation Pioneers . It is a True 'Blast from the Past'


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We have had WW 2 veterans aged over 90, down to 10 year old school children
take flight in our Classic 1942 Biplane and everyone always comes back
with the biggest smile on their face. Niall (Paddy Pilot) Higgins will be your
host in the sky whether its a scenic jaunt around the Blue Mountains or a
Majestic trip along the beautiful beaches to the South of Sydney. If you wish,
Niall will let you take the controls for a while. He is a very experienced flying
instructor with many hundreds of hours in his Tiger Moth and his other favourite
aircraft, a YAK -52 Russian aerobatic training aircraft with over 300 horse power!      Click on theYak Flight1 Logo in the 'Links' if you want to fly in this awsome machine.
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Take a flight in a 360 hp YAK-52 Russian Aerobatic Training Aircraft
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